Have a look at the English-Vietnamese dictionary by bab.la.. Mar 2, 2019 Mujhe tumse koi bat nahi karni. ENGLISH TRANSLATION : I don't want to talk anything with you.. I hope it help u.. mitgliedd1 and 17 more...2 answers 18 votes:Hello!!! Your answer-I do not want to talk to you.Hope it helps......please mark as brainliest. English, 18.08.2019 23:00, nikhil3810rhmschool. Paragraph on climate change of bengal. Answers: 2. continue. Do you know the correct answer? Kya baat.... Contextual translation of "kya baat karni hai" into English. Human translations with examples: to talk to, what is it, do not talk, nai baat karni, ek baat karni hai.. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (2011) online sa prevodom. The Twilight Saga: ... Sibirski Berberin / 1998 Prevodom film I. od III Deo. Prvi Balkanac.. Dec 15, 2012 kya aapne mujhe pehchan liya. mujhe aapse yahi umeed thi. kya aap meri aman se baat karva sakhte ho. mujhe usse baat Karni thi.. Oct 23, 2017 Question about English (UK). How do you say this in English (UK)? apko kisse baat karni hai. See a translation Report copyright infringement.2 answers 0 votes:Whom do you want to talk to?. Lyrics for Baat Karni by Mehdi Hassan. ... aankhon ne khuda jaane kia kya jaadu, Ke tabiyat meri maa_il Kabhi aisi tou na thee Chashm-e-qaatil merii dushman.... Contextual translation of "kya baat karni thi apko" into English. Human translations with examples: karni thi, to talk to, what is it, nai baat karni, ek baat karni hai.. In english, kya baat hai stands for Great/ How Good etc. To the best of my knowledge, i would say it as Great! For example- Great yaar( kya baat...4 answers 29 votes:Well, the answer youre looking for is What talk is? Haha! Just kidding! Actually .... The app offers a simple yet effective way to learn English as well as to translate from Hindi to English. It contains several common hindi sentences that have... 538a28228e

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